How to work with .TXT files

A simple text file, plain text or plain text is a computer file containing only text, and consist entirely of characters that are readable by humans, lacking any type of font format. These characters can be encoded in different ways depending on the language used. Some of the most commonly used encryption systems are: ASCII, ISO-8859-1 or Latin-1 and UTF-8. It lacks of information to generate formats (bold, underline, italics, size, etc.) and fonts (such as Arial, Times, Courier, etc.).The applications for writing and modifying text files are called text editors.

Technical details about the TXT files

TXT files contains a minimum format, but meet the definitions of format accepted by the terminal system and simple text editors. TXT files are universal because any word processor can read them. TXT files can use Unicode for readability users of different languages. Text files only in ASCII code can be exchanged and read on Unix, Mac and Windows. The most common character set is UTF-8, ASCII code differs from the byte order mark and is backwards compatible with ASCII.

How to open a TXT File

The fastest and easiest way to open your TXT file is by double clicking on it. This allows the intelligence of your OS to decide automatically the correct application to open your TXT file.In case your TXT file does not open, means that you do not have the right application installed on your PC to view or edit files with TXT extensions. If your PC opens the TXT file, but it is incorrect application, then you need to change the file association settings in the Windows registry or Linux configuration. In other words, OS is associating TXT file extensions with the wrong program. In Windows, we recommend that you perform a scan of your registry to find incorrect file associations and other problems related to the registry.